Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is a relatively short-term intervention in which specific, standardized procedures are utilized to answer a particular clinical question. Regardless of the testing measures used, the process always involves an initial intake interview, test administration sessions, time for the evaluator to review and interpret the obtained data, and a face-to-face “feedback” session in which the results and recommendations following testing are discussed. Most often, individuals pursue psychological testing in order to receive diagnoses of psychological disorders, emotional disorders, behavioral disorders, learning problems, or some combination of these conditions.

Once the principal problems are identified, recommendations for further treatment and other adjunctive services (e.g. school accommodations) are offered. A report or other documentation of the test findings (e.g. summary letter) is furnished to the patient or requesting party. The type of documentation, when it can be provided, and the manner in which it is provided (e.g. in person or via mail) will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Once the document is furnished, the testing process is complete.

We offer a variety of testing services including:

  • IQ Testing
  • Educational Testing
  • Developmental Testing
  • Personality Testing
  • Social/Emotional Testing
  • Risk Evaluation

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