Psychiatric Services

Diagnostic Evaluation:

A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation is the first step towards determining the nature and the severity of the problems. Our Psychiatrists and therapists will conduct a psychiatric assessment that will allow us to understand the current problem. This will include a thorough medical history, pertinent details from your past, social and family information, and direct observations during the assessment process. This initial evaluation will allow us to make an accurate diagnosis and is thus a crucial component in recommending the appropriate level of care, options of evidence-based treatment modalities, and individualized treatment goals.

Medication Management:

Our Psychiatrists at Positive Beginnings use their clinical judgment and expertise to choose the right medications for each individual patient after making an accurate diagnosis. Patients are always educated about the risks and benefits of each medication. After appropriate medications are prescribed, patient compliance with a medication regimen is stressed and side-effects from medications are always monitored. The ultimate goal of medication management is to reduce or eliminate debilitating symptoms and thus improve a patient’s quality of life and help them function at their highest potential.

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